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Progress at last!

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Finally moving forward on the railing. I got lots of drilling and tapping done today. All of the pickets for the flat section of railing and one of the staircases. Tomorrow afternoon I will twist one third of the pickets (about 30 total and only 1/2 inch square), followed by a little wire brushing and these parts will be ready to paint. I can squeeze the painting in between art car events this weekend and then the dry time on the paint will not be holding up any work. I like it when things come together.

I need to double check my measurements on the second staircase. I usually measure a couple of different ways to ensure accuracy and I am missing one measurement. Then it will just be a quick day to have those pieces ready for paint as well.

This groovy little fixture worked out the first time. It holds the pickets at the correct angle for drilling and is adjustable for different staircases. It is definitely a keeper. I also like anything with lots of screws. Screws make things look official.
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On September 8th, 2008 08:27 am (UTC), rohmie commented:
Greetings from the present, fellow steam punk enthusiast! (We are not yet October 2008.) I noticed you live here in Louisville. I have recently started a mostly local steam punk community called first_gear. We're about two weeks old, so we are small. There's a definite lefty bent as well.

You mentioned the Bio-bus. Do you know Chad Hayes? He has done a bit with bio-diesel.
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On September 8th, 2008 03:59 pm (UTC), fciron replied:
I wound up not taking the bio-bus, it was a poor fit with my schedule and a much better ride offer came up. I got a whole extra day of burn.

Oh, or are we talking Louisville now.

I swear that there are only about 200 people actually using the internet because I seem to have multiple connections to each one.

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