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Getting to Houston -- Day 2

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So I slid out of the truck Thursday morning about 6:30 when it got too bright to sleep. I had packed a big dop kit with my toiletries and a couple of towels, so I grabbed that and headed into the bathroom. I got my teeth brushed and my face washed and I felt pretty good. On the way out I saw a little sign half buried in the flower-bed "State of Alabama - Free Wifi". I got comfy on the bench with my laptop and started checking my email. Getting on the internet is like staring up in the air. Other people see you doing it and they join you. An older fella on a motorcycle pulled up and headed into the bathroom with his kit. I noticed he had his tent and everything strapped to his bike and I felt like I was travelling really heavy. I think that all of his luggage would have fit in one of my tubs. We sat on the benches out front and did some figuring on the weather. I found it pretty funny that a guy with a bunch of Vietnam Vet patches on his vest uses a site called "The Weather Underground".

So I got on the road about eight when my battery was almost dead and just pushed on through to my planned lunch stop. During the day I noticed that the reception to my truck on the road got better the closer I got to the gulf. I guess people who actually know boats are more excited about a ship/truck than other folks.

Lunch happened about two pm at my secret lunch spot. I had found this place when Marz and I were going to Houston in 2005 and it seemed like the real deal. When we were going across Louisiana the first time and I was looking for a lunch spot I kept seeing signs for cajun food that were attached to signs for casinos. To me that says food for tourists; I am an elitist snob, so I want the cajun food that they cook for cajun people. Then I saw a little hand-painted song that said "Real Cajun Food -- The Boiling Point of Sulphur". So I got off the highway in about 20 miles at Sulphur, Louisiana.

Well, There were no advance signs on the highway anymore and they have painted over the inside mural. I still got a nice picture of my truck inside of the outside mural. But the phrase "We process your Deer, Boar or other exotic animal" were no longer anywhere to be seen. I still got a big plate with two pounds of crawfish and some delicious little appetizer things. Looking around at the other diners, it occured to me that I can get a plate of crawfish anywhere now and that next time I should ask the waitress to recommend something that I can't get at home. (She was dead on about the appetizers, they were toasty little sandwiches with a crab,shrimp, and cheese filling that was all melty and delicious.)

I arrived in Houston late afternoon and went directly to the home of my gracious hosts for the weekend. Steve and Lainie have the flying spaghetti monster car, so it was quite fitting that the pirate ship visit its creator. I had a comfy room of my own and off street parking right in the heart of Houston. On my way out of town I finally asked what neighborhood we were in. Montrose is pretty happpening and convenient to all of the events.
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